I was first introduced to metal engraving when I was in High School.  At the time I traveled to car shows selling t-shirts for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, and etching designs on car windows for extra money.  I was inspired to try metal engraving by a collection of hand engraved Von Dutch knives  Ed had.  I called Dutch and he suggested where to buy the tools I needed.

In the mid 1990s, I was injured at work and was out for quite some time.  While recovering I bought some tools and  took a basic engraving course.  I engraved knives, belt buckles, money clips, lighters, some car and motorcycle parts.  

​​In early 2002 I discovered the world of Hobo Nickels.  I went to a coin show and met Dave Wilson.  He had many fine Hobo Nickels which he let me study.  He gave me pointers and introduced me to the Hobo Nickel Society.  He was a great person, critical of my work and always inspired me to do better.  I currently carve by hand, using hammer and chisel and hand gravers to rough out the coin.  Then use a Lindsey Airgraver to sculpt  and finish the coin.

About Me

Keith Pedersen

​Hobo Nickel Carver        Hand Engraver